Segment Suggestions, anyone?

First of all, alliteration (I am such a geek).

Anyway, seeing as how I am still new to the the whole blogging thing, What do you guys think I should post about?


A Craving for Something Different

Born in the age of smartphones and social media, I have gotten used to engaging myself in activities which people from a different generation would characterize as either “lazy”, “irresponsible”, or even “redundant”, but which people in the same era would consider as normal. Browsing my Facebook news feed and watching a couple of videos in YouTube, every now and then, had been a staple in my everyday routine  (three-fourth of which has something to do with technology and the internet). In times when I am doing neither of the two, I can be seen either sleeping, reading books, drinking coffee, or just plain existing. However, doing all of these regularly for the past four years has got me yearning for a deviation from my normative routine. Thus, came into being this.

I originally created this blog with the intent of using it as an outlet for my expressive side. However, self-serving as it may seem, my reasons are not all that selfish. Along with the expression of my thoughts, which will most likely be through the form of poetry or anecdotes, it is also my to bring vibes of varying sentiments by sharing [what I think are] relatable and well-thought of (or at times, spur-of-the-moment) posts that may contribute to the overall disposition of oneself. Well, enough of the long, pompous, over-the-top litany. Imma be my chill, casual self starting at this sentence.